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Dedicated &
Tailored for You

Quickway can deliver all the advantages of your own transportation fleet without the hassles of maintenance, the problems of driver recruitment and management, the burden of capital investment, and the risk of liability exposure. For each of our customers, we custom fit a service program that matches their needs, ranging from everyday deliveries to peak seasonal demand.

Quickway completes more than 10,000 direct store deliveries each week with a better than 99% on-time performance record. And we count many of the nation’s largest retailers and food manufacturers among our list of satisfied, long-term customers.

Dry goods and refrigerated or frozen products benefit from our expertise

To handle food products and retail store deliveries we employ techniques such as dynamic scheduling and just-in-time delivery to meet peak demand while keeping overall inventories at the right levels at the right time. We use the latest equipment and refrigeration systems to assure constant temperatures and minimize breakdowns and maintenance downtime. And we utilize special equipment that allows us to carry fresh, frozen and dry products in the same load.

Driver training and retention make a huge difference for our customers

All our drivers receive specialized training on the transporting and unloading of perishable or fragile products. They monitor product quality throughout transit and provide careful driver assist unloading at every stop. And because we are an employee-owned company, our drivers stay with us longer and are more dependable and knowledgeable.

Products Handled By Quickway

Dedicated Contract Experts/Retail and Food Delivery Specialists


Shipping perishable products require careful planning, special training, and the latest equipment. Quickway provides all of this and more for products like these:

  • Milk

  • Eggs

  • Dairy

  • Bread

  • Bakery

  • Frozen foods

  • Ice cream

  • Fresh Produce

  • Dry groceries

  • Meats

  • Fresh fruits

  • Flowers

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